Gone, without saying

“I shall reconsider human knowledge by starting from the fact that we can know more than we can tell” – Michael Polanyi The Tacit Dimension.

Communication between, before, without words. Knowledge that exists without language, feeling that is not available to words – truth so deep and formless that we cannot calcify its mists into utterance, or so clear to us all that it goes without saying. A desire, a consolation, a joke, a complicity, an argument, a hurt, a loss. We share a wordless space which is vital yet incomplete, essential yet thwarted. Intentions are lost or misunderstood. we fill silences, but long for moments of space to say what we really mean.

Gian Slater composed the work Gone, without saying for the Melbourne Jazz Fringe Festivals Apra Composers Commission. The 60 minute through-composed work for 14 voices premiered in April, 2010 at the BMW Edge glass theatre to rave reviews and a standing ovation.

Since then, they have performed the work at Sydney Opera House Studio for the prestigious Freedman Fellowship Awards; Dance house Theatre and La Mama Musica Series at the Carlton Courthouse.

Gone, without saying was recorded in Dec, 2010 at Headgap studios with engineer, Lachlan Carrick over one day and was released on the Listen/Hear Collective label in December 2011.

The Cast:

Gian Slater, Jenny Barnes, Tom Barton, Helen Catanchin, Hailey Cramer, Miriam Crellin, Georgie Darvidis, Ed Fairlie, Bronwyn Hicks, Damien Slingsby, Kate Kelsey-Sugg, Louisa Rankin, Loni Thomson, Auður Zoëga.

‘ The audience packed into BMW Edge had never quite heard anything like Slater’s adventurous and highly inventive offering…There was no doubting the work’s artistic success when on completion it received a standing ovation.’


– Andra Jackson (The Age) 2010