Barney McAll’s “Graft”

Graft seeks to respond in musical terms to the complexity of urban life in all its horror, beauty and strange, occasional calm; the accidental, inevitable surgery of the modern world, where humanity is implanted with technology and industry. Like plants growing through concrete, a child commanding a touch screen, or a tiny beating heart inside a hard drive, these pieces attempt to view adversity, joy and mercy through the same lens.

Graft convenes a superb ensemble of performers. Joining the dream dual-grand piano partnership of Andrea Keller and Barney McAll are sonic wizard Dale Gorfinkel and Gian Slater’s acclaimed 16-voice choir Invenio. The Graft project was composed by Barney McAll with vocal arrangements by Gian Slater.

Graft premiered at Wangarratta Jazz Festival in October 2011 and was recorded and released on the Jazzhead Label in May, 2012.


Barney McAll – Composer/ Pianist/ Electronics.

Andrea Keller – Piano.

Christopher Hale – Bass.

Dale Gorfinkel – Vibraphone/ Percussion.

Invenio – Gian Slater, Georgie Darvidis, Miriam Crellin, Gemma Tully, Jenny Barnes, Natalie Carolan, Auður Zoëga, Helen Catanchin, Loni Thomson, Louisa Rankin, Kate Kelsey-Sugg, Jem Savage, Jeremy Hopkins, Tom Barton, Ben Taylor and Damien Slingsby.

 ‘…the performance that made the most powerful impression came from New York-based Australian pianist Barney McAll. His visionary new work Graft (featuring two pianos, vibraphone and a 16-voice choir) combined soulful grooves, electronics, ethereal harmonies and exquisite lyricism.’

– Jessica Nicholas (The Age)


 ‘ The singers stepped hypnotically, accurately, through odd intervals with a feeling of ancient ritual, and sometimes the sopranos pierced the soul with high, pure radiations …indeed this music sounded at times like the ritual utterance of a vanishing race.’ – John Clare (Sima)